Thoughts and education from the Open Pit

Popular Graduation Menus

Graduation Party upcoming?  Here are some popular menus to feed your family and friends as the celebration roars on for the new graduate. Each menu below designed to feed 20 guests. Contact us for more details – (410) 956-6009 or Sales@BaysideBull.com     Taco and Nacho Bar

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Smoked Wings

Chicken Wings are sacred to sports When it comes to food to compliment watching sports, the list isn’t too long: burgers, ribs, chips and dips, etc. But the granddaddy of all is the Chicken Wing; its the uncontested king of hanging with friends to watch the big

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2020 Christmas Eve Pickup Menu

2020 Christmas Eve Pickup Menu Spend time with family, instead of in the kitchen! Ready-to-heat dinner package prepared by the Bayside Catering team. Pickup on Thursday (12/24) to heat Christmas morning. Printable PDF: 2020 Holiday Menu

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2019 Thanksgiving Pickup Menu

2019 Holiday Pickup Menu It’s that lovely time of the year…the holidays! Make your life easy with a ready-to-heat dinner package prepared by the Bayside Catering team. Pickup on Wednesday to heat Thanksgiving morning. Printable PDF: 2019 Holiday Menu

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Maryland’s Unique ‘Pit Beef’

Maryland’s Unique ‘Pit Beef’ September 4, 2019   Of all things Maryland – the steamed crabs, the beltway traffic, the State Flag we overuse, the “Ooooh” during the National Anthem, the french fries on the boardwalk (name withheld, but if you know…you know) – one very unique

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How to make Pork Rub

How to make Pork Rub August 14, 2019   The beauty of a pork rub lies in the meat itself; there is simply no substitute for a high quality bone-in pork shoulder. It’s the canvas for the artwork, the highway for the BMW, the fairway for the

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