Thoughts and education from the Open Pit

2019 Thanksgiving Pickup Menu

2019 Holiday Pickup Menu It’s that lovely time of the year…the holidays! Make your life easy with a ready-to-heat dinner package prepared by the Bayside Catering team. Pickup on Wednesday to heat Thanksgiving morning. Printable PDF: 2019 Holiday Menu

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Maryland’s Unique ‘Pit Beef’

Maryland’s Unique ‘Pit Beef’ September 4, 2019   Of all things Maryland – the steamed crabs, the beltway traffic, the State Flag we overuse, the french fries on the boardwalk (name withheld, but if you know…you know) – one very unique item is not often mentioned: Pit

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How to make Pork Rub

How to make Pork Rub August 14, 2019   The beauty of a pork rub lies in the meat itself; there is simply no substitute for a high quality bone-in pork shoulder. It’s the canvas for the artwork, the highway for the BMW, the fairway for the

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