How to select appetizers for your event?

May 19, 2019


Almost every day, our sales team is working with clients on food selections. We know what we like, we know the quality of our product, and we know what works well in most circumstances, but none of that is beneficial if the the client chooses poorly or unknowingly repetitive. Let’s discuss some best practices for selecting appetizers, or “Hors D’oeuvres” if you will:

  1. First and foremost, pick your main entree items beforehand. This is the key to proper meal structure from a classic standpoint. If you are having Filet Mignon for dinner, steak skewers will not be a great selection for an appetizer. So pick your main course, then lets select the precursor. This leads right into #2…
  2. Mix proteins to avoid repetition. Following our steak dinner example, a professional sales associate will guide a client to choose chicken, seafood, or fresh vegetables for opening the night’s fare. There is something exceptionally simple and satisfying about a crisp cucumber wheel dipped in cold herb-infused ranch dip.
  3. Provide guests with options, but not excessively. Bayside Catering recommends 3 to 4 unique appetizer options for an event under 200 guests. With correct selections following the above guidance (mixing proteins), there should be an option for all but the pickiest eaters! Too many options, and the most popular may run out. Catering companies can only predict how your guests will eat; it’s not guaranteed the cheese platter will be a hit.
  4. If the event is a wedding, butler pass the light items while displaying the heavy ones. Butler passed hors d’oeuvres are as elegant as they are functional, creating a moment of luxury for your wedding guests. Leave the crab dip and vegetable platter on the table for easy access – passing those items is too difficult for guests to handle with a beverage in hand!

Bayside Catering is here for our clients, willing to advise them when needed, yet always accepting of the final choices. If your having trouble picking menu items, ask your catering company to help. Remember, it’s easy to host a party, but a successful one needs proper preparation to ensure all your guests are satisfied!

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Jim Cefaratti, Bayside Catering