Maryland’s Unique ‘Pit Beef’

September 4, 2019


Of all things Maryland – the steamed crabs, the beltway traffic, the State Flag we overuse, the french fries on the boardwalk (name withheld, but if you know…you know) – one very unique item is not often mentioned: Pit Beef Sandwiches. As I have posted to our website’s Frontpage, we consider Pit Barbecue to be:

A Maryland-unique style of fare derived from cooking
quality meats over a charcoal ‘pit’ to the perfect temperature,
sliced thin and piled high, and served on a freshly baked roll.

How can such a simple concept as smoking and charring meat, slicing it thin, and serving it on sandwich be so unique? Sometimes magic just happens, sometimes it happens near Baltimore, and sometimes things are not broken, so don’t fix em! Although Bayside Bull is not a Pulaski Highway original, our stand as Anne Arundel County’s prominent Pit Barbecue provider is older than many of our employees. We remain true to tradition, featuring both the Kaiser Roll and Rye Bread. The meat is served rare unless requested otherwise. The staff talk fast, speak loudly, mean well, but desire to move the line quickly!

Slicing Beef

Rare Beef on the Slicer

Bayside Bull smokes Top Round beef for around 2 hours, providing a flavorful addition to the upcoming charcoal crust. Carefully trained pitmasters carve out the fat and gristle. Calibrated meat slicers shave the beef so thin it’s barely a slice at all. Horseradish is optional, homemade barbecue sauces are available, and a side of fries makes a meal.

So next time your in-laws are in town and you need a break, don’t let them in on our secret. Jump in the car yourself, we’ll see you at the Pit!


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